我已经发布了关于披萨的信yabo亚博全站APP息之前,请but since it makes a frequent appearance in our home (i.e.most every Saturday night except when I am lazy and grilled cheese pops up on the menu),有些事情已经改变了,我想和你分享。

即,我有一个新的最喜欢的比萨饼面团食谱,我有点改编自hereand oh,it is incredible.口感又香,it is definitely my new go-to pizza dough recipe that I've been using for a few months now.

It takes a minor amount of forethought and planning,since the dough benefits from being made the night before or in the early morning but it is well worth it.我仍然使用快速简单的食谱如果我没有提前计划,but this other recipe is really superb.

感谢面团里的全麦面粉,它给了外壳一个巨大的深度和纹理,这是无与伦比的烘烤后的完美。Here is my favorite比萨酱配方.

也,去年,I've gathered a few other tips and tricks that I thought I'd share with you (including revamping the pizza sauce a bit).我把它们和食谱一起放在下面。

A few I'll mention here:
1)I always use freshly grated mozzarella cheese for topping our pizzas.I've harped on this before but since I'm,像,半科学家,I can assure you that freshly grated mozzarella melts a lot better than preshredded.My husband happens to work for a cheese company and agrees with me (let's forget the fact that he has a boring desk job and isn't actually制作奶酪——细节,详细信息)。But you really can trust me on this – do a side-by-side comparison and I promise you'll be converted to the idea.And then you can officially be classified as half-scientist,too.

2) Also,虽然我们的披萨配料很简单(通常只有奶酪和土耳其辣香肠)。我找到了一个快速的方法,把披萨提升到一个美味的新水平——在烘烤前,在所有的配料上撒上新鲜磨碎的帕尔马干酪。有点咸,美味的帕尔马干酪棒极了。

自制披萨是我为家人做的最令人满意的东西之一。它的味道比餐馆买的好一百倍,我的孩子们可以把他们肮脏的小手放在那里帮助他们。And grubby or not,我喜欢他们的帮助。


What To ServeCut up carrots and cucumbers with自制牧场

一年前: 松子肉饼
两年前: 红莓意大利饭

Homemade Pizza – New and Improved

Yield: 1个大的或2个中等大小的比萨饼
Prep Time: 10分钟
Cook Time: 10分钟
额外时间: 3小时
总时间: 3小时 20分钟


  • 1 1/4杯温水
  • 2茶匙速溶酵母
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 1 1/2杯通用面粉
  • 1 1/2杯全麦面粉


  1. 在你想做披萨的前一天或清晨做面团。In a large mixing bowl (or in the bowl of a stand mixer),mix the water,酵母,糖,honey and oil.(如果使用活性干酵母,将酵母的量增加到2 3/4茶匙,并在水中防止酵母起泡,然后再加入糖中。蜂蜜和油)然后加入1杯面粉和盐。Continue mixing in all the remaining flour until you get a nice,soft dough.揉至面团柔软光滑,yabo亚博全站APPabout 10 minutes by hand or 5 minutes with a stand mixer.
  2. 把面团做成一个球,放在抹了少许油的碗里,盖紧(用盖子或塑料袋)。把面团放在冰箱里慢慢地上升,直到烘烤前三个小时。烘烤前三小时,把面团从冰箱里拿出来放到室温下,keeping it lightly covered.
  3. 烘烤前45-60分钟,move the rack to the lowest position in the oven (if the lowest rack in your oven is nearly touching the oven floor,move it up one notch - you don't want it that close or the bottom of the pizza will burn),place the pizza stone on it and preheat the oven to 500 degrees.别为热烘炉而紧张!yabo亚博全站APP我以前做任何超过400度的东西都会吓得要死,但我保证只有500度才是做披萨的唯一方法。如果你的烤箱在那个温度下有点粗糙,475度烘烤。


I think a pizza stone makes all the difference in good versus great pizza.I have this pizza stone and I love the rectangular shape.I have baked many a pizza on this stone and it is awesome.


披萨桨/皮我有一个木制的披萨桨,这样地,我撒上玉米粉,然后放上比萨面团。我把配料铺在面团上,然后快速地把面团滑到热的披萨石上。After yabo亚博全站APPabout 8 or 9 minutes,比萨饼烤得很好,我把它放在一块切肉板上切片吃。

Alternative Pizza Paddle/Peel如果你没有披萨桨,you can use the underside of a baking sheet (I use an 11X17 size) or a large cutting board as a makeshift pizza paddle.用玉米粉轻轻盖上它,flour or parchment paper,把你的披萨放在撒上面粉的烤盘或砧板上,准备烘焙时(如果使用羊皮纸,你可以让羊皮纸和比萨饼一起滑到烤盘上)。烤8-9分钟,直到外壳变成棕色。用钳子或抹刀取出比萨饼,然后将烤好的比萨饼迅速滑到等待冷却的架子上。

沸腾烤盘:如果您当前使用披萨桨上的玉米粉烘焙披萨,你会知道这有多乱-到处都是玉米面。事实上,马上,my oven is in serious need of a good vacuuming.所以,时常,我仍然会像平常一样预热我的烤石,而不是用我的木制披萨桨,我把面团拉伸成一个不规则的形状,放在一张涂了少许油的边缘烤盘上(我不担心把它压到角落里,让它看起来像是乡村风味的)。yabo亚博全站APPadd the toppings,然后把整个烤盘放在披萨石上烤。把比萨饼烤9-10分钟,直到皮变成棕色。这种方法仍然能很好地使面包皮变褐色——虽然你得不到非常正宗的比萨饼皮,it is still mighty delicious and I can make more pizza at once rather than sliding them one at a time onto the baking stone.


Pizza Dough Recipe Source:改编自艾米丽Savory Seasonings